Tobacco Consumption

Tobacco Consumption




Tobacco Consumption


  • To suppress asthma to manageable levels.
  • To be able to walk near a smoking environment without experiencing a desire to smoke.
  • To develop my spiritual, physical, mental, and social aspects of life.

Background and Rationale

Smoking is one of the vices that have affected my family and me for a long time. I started the habit five years ago and it has evolved from an experimental deed to an addiction. I took my first puff at my friend’s birthday party. One of my classmates proposed the idea as a way of amplifying our excitement. I always yearned for this experience at one point in my formative years. Before long, I found myself going deep into the habit. I could not spend a day without smoking and with time, the intervals between the deeds reduced. On average, I smoked a packet of cigarette daily. Three months ago, I began smoking marijuana, a behavior that largely deteriorated my health. A visit to the doctor, one month ago, made me realize the risk of this behavior. The practitioner blamed smoking for my developing respiratory tract infection.

Action Plan

To achieve my objectives, I have formulated an action plan that will govern the quitting process. To start with, I have summarized the reasons why I find it hard to quit smoking (Alder, Morris, Shah and Alder, 2007). I have ranked them according to their rationalism with the most sensible one gaining five points and the most senseless earning zero. I have also listed the reasons why I want to quit the habit. To increase my focus on the initiative, I have set a quit date that I intend to follow. In addition, I have identified aspects in my past attempts that worked as well as those that did not. I have also included social and medical factors that may help in curbing this deadly deed. For example, I plan to inform my friends and family on my decision as a way of getting the needed support. Moreover, I have identified a support group that caters for similar individuals by offering psychological and physical health care (Rosen, 2011).


The program has had various positive impacts on me, my family, and friends. To begin with, I am more energetic owing to the new social activities that I have adopted (Zalewski, 2005). I spend most of my leisure time in dancing classes where I have learnt to express my emotions through art as opposed to smoking. The support that I have received from my family and friends has strengthened our relationships. Furthermore, I have attained new friends who encourage me to engage in constructive activities. This has aided in my development spiritually, socially, physically, and financially. In terms of my health, I no longer have trouble in breathing. A visit to the medical practitioner confirmed repression of the developing asthmatic condition.

Summary and Recommendations

The process of quitting smoking requires a lot of support from one’s family and friends. It is crucial to have people who will constantly remind the addict of his or her objectives. The addict must also be willing to work hard in the fight against the deadly behavior. This will reduce the possibility of experiencing a relapse. A comprehensive and measurable action plan is important in managing the proceedings. Through this scheme, the addict is able to identify and avoid aspects that instigate the destructive desire. In addition, it helps in developing one’s talents by engaging in such constructive activities as dancing, singing, or painting. Joining a support group is also helpful in curbing the behavior (Weir, 2008). This is because the addict is able to interact with similar individuals and learn strategies that can aid in achieving one’s objectives. In such sessions, the substance abuser not only benefits from health care but also improves his or her social and spiritual life form.

A progress-tracking date book also ensures success of the program. Through this calendar, one is able to track his or her achievements and failures. However, relapses should not discourage one from accomplishing the set goals. It is normal for one to experience a setback, especially during the first three months of the plan. To avoid these failures, the addict ought to stay away from fellow smokers since this may trigger the desire for a cigarette. Stress may also propel the addict into a relapse. For this reason, the smoker should make an effort of staying calm at all times and breathing in deeply when he or she feels the desire to engage in the behavior. One should also consider the program as a way of saving a substantial amount of funds. For instance, if one smokes a packet of cigarette worth $ 6 on a daily basis, he or she will save more than $2190 yearly. Making such calculations will motivate the smoker to quit the costly yet deadly affair.


Appendix 1


Health Advancement Health Promotion 400418: Spring 2013

If you wish for this PHI to be kept confidential, underline: please keep confidential.

Student Name

Student Number

Date: 16/08/2013


My Goal is to respire in a smoke free environment by quitting smoking.


I wish to give up smoking because of many reasons like smoking whether active or passive is one of the main and major etiological factors, which gives birth to so many life-threatening diseases like oral cancer, lung cancer, bronchial asthma and hypertension (Eyre et al., 2004). Other reason is to maintain a social status because being a girl and as well as smoker is considered unauthentic and disgraceful in the society where I belong like India. I also want to become a responsible human being towards family and society by adopting smoke free life.


Action Plan according to me will be first the firm and hard decision of the time on my own when should I start towards this goal and after that, there will not be any back step. After that, I want to assure my fellow smoker friends that I will not be accompanying them in smoking. After that, I wish to get in touch with General Practitioner (GP) about all the ways of quitting smoking like nicotine replacement therapy in the form of chewing gums, patch and lozenges. (Kozlowski et al., 2007). Next will be having contact with The Australian Smoking Cessation Help Line which is also called as QUITLINE whose number is 13 7848 and visiting their website to know all the possible ways of quitting and to cope with withdrawal symptoms of Quitting. I will gradually move towards my goal by first minimizing the number of cigarettes to finally removing their existence from my life (McNeill, 2004). Company of non-smoker friends in the way of morning or evening walk and regularly watching advertisements and board-hoardings will further make my goal stronger (Netemeyer, Andrews, & Burton, 2005).


As a measurement of outcome, I believe that I will definitely quit smoking but my outcome will be possible first by minimizing and then finally removing this bad habit from my life. I will definitely remain persistently in contact with my General Practitioner (GP) and the QUITLINE and get my health status monitored from time to time so that my body can take help from replacement therapy and can cope with all troubles of withdrawal symptoms. My Family and Friends will be my biggest support in measuring my outcomes.



 Date 16/08/201


Appendix 2: PHI Diary Entries

Week 4

August 12th 2013

Today morning, I went to see my medical doctor. She was warm and took time to evaluate my health condition. She informed me that I had a throat infection and prescribed some antibiotics to cure the condition as well as an inhaler to suppress asthma, a condition detected a year ago. On my way home, I decided to quit smoking and threw two cigarettes from my handbag.

August 13th 2013

Despite my declaration, I joined a companion of mine at 4:00 PM for our customary meeting that involved smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. By 10.00 PM, we had smoked a packet of cigarettes and several beers. I told myself that I was not ready for the quitting process.

August 14th 2013

Today morning, I woke up with difficulties in breathing. The inhaler has really helped me in controlling my respiration problems. All morning, I pondered over the wrong turn that my life has taken since I began smoking. I realized that the habit has resulted in nothing but misery in all aspects of my life. I decided to start a program that will help me quit this behavior. I consider this as my transformation day and hope to fulfill my plan.

August 15th 2013

I decided to seek the opinion of my boyfriend who is also a heavy smoker. While taking lunch at my place, I raised the issue and he burst with laughter.  At first, it made me feel as though I was irrational. However, he promised to support me in attaining my objectives. The whole day, I have been smoking a lighter version of cigarettes and perceived this as a step towards quitting the habit. By dusk, I had smoked a packet of cigarettes.

August 16th 2013

My boyfriend brought me a packet of lozenges and one of chewing gums. It seemed hilarious but I appreciated the act. Later on, he threw away all the ashtrays in my house. This support motivated me to focus on my quitting mission. While preparing dinner, I talked to my mother about it and she was very pleased. The discussion was emotional with both of us shedding tears. The entire day, I smoked three-quarters of a pack and this accomplishment felt nice.

August 17th 2013

Today I realized that most people around me care about me. By 11:00 AM, I had received more than ten phone calls from relatives and friends congratulating me on my decision. It was evident my mother was very pleased with my resolution. One of my mum’s friends recommended a support group that caters for similar individuals. My smoking intervals may not have reduced but I am definitely more motivated to continue with the scheme.

August 18th 2013

After spiritually going astray for ten years, I attended a religious service today. The congregation was enthusiastic and I felt relaxed. I believed that engaging in activities that discouraged smoking would help me in attaining my objectives. I destroyed two cigarettes from my bag.

Week 5

August 19th 2013

At 2.00 PM, I attended my first session at the support group. We were ten members, all within the formative years. The counselor was warm and addressed as politely. The entire session felt more of a chat session as opposed to a therapy meeting. I meet Pauline, a teenager who appeared jovial and kind. I took three-quarters of a pack the whole day.

August 20th 2013

As dictated by the psychotherapist, I prepared an action plan aimed at achieving the objectives of my initiative (Casper, 2008). In the therapy session, everyone had a chance to talk about the background of his or her addiction.  The shrink advised us to take lots of water as a way of reducing the health effects of smoking. I smoked six cigarettes today.

August 21st 2013

I enrolled in a fitness center with the main aim of improving my physical and mental health. One of the objectives of this program is to improve all aspects of my life. With the help of a trainer, I engaged in several aerobics. Although I encountered difficulties in breathing at the beginning, the session was exciting. From this day forward, I intend to workout every morning.

August 22nd 2013

In the afternoon, I went for the therapy class. I will be attending three meetings per week. The therapist advised us on various foods that will aid in achieving our goals. I learnt the need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In the evening, a friend of mine came over with some beers and cigarettes. By the time I went to bed, I had smoked one-and a half packs. I felt guilty but was not ready to give up on my mission.

August 23rd 2013

In the morning, I felt a strong desire to smoke. I tried using some lozenges to curb the craving but gave in. However, I did not exceed five cigarettes the whole day. Following the heavy drinking yesterday night, I did not attend my regular aerobics gathering.

August 24th 2013

I woke up feeling energetic. After the workout session, I went shopping at a nearby mall. I have decided to spend most of my leisure time in places that prohibit smoking. Pauline, my new friend from the therapy group accompanied me. We have decided to assist each other in suppressing cravings.

August 25th 2013

I went to a spiritual service in the morning and later spent most of my day researching on tactics of enabling one to quit smoking. For the past two days, I have smoked less than a packet of cigarettes.

Week 6

August 26th 2013

Pauline introduced me to a dance class today. The entire session was exciting and I felt very relaxed. According to my progression calendar, I have reduced my smoking intervals by more than half. My accomplishments have increased my energy over the past two weeks. Moreover, I have not used an inhaler for one week.

August 27th 2013

So far, I have been attending all workout and therapy sessions. Pauline has become a close friend and has replaced most of my pals who we sent most of our leisure time smoking and drinking beer. At the dinner table, my mother commended me for my progress and affirmed that there was immense change in my family for the past two weeks.

August 28th 2013

This morning, I had an argument with my mother over my academic performance. This made me agitated and was tempted to invite my long-time friend for our traditional smoking sessions. However, I took a packaging bag and took ten deep breaths. I then chewed some gums (Carr, 2004). This trick, which I learnt from the therapist, suppressed my craving and anger.

August 29th 2013

For the past three days, I have not smoked any cigarette. I have been spending most of my leisure time in the gym, support group, or dance classes. A visit to my physician confirmed an improvement of my health. I feel more relaxed and happy. Nowadays, I am cautious of my food portions in order to maintain the recommended amount of minerals and nutrients in the body.

August 30th 2013

As a way of rewarding myself for the accomplishments, I went shopping with Pauline. Later, we treated ourselves to a body massage. In the evening, I passed near a smoking zone and felt irritated.  I was glad to have attained my objectives.

August 31st 2013

Despite my accomplishments, I still intend to continue with my therapy meetings. It feels great to quit smoking and develop my talent. Additionally, the psychotherapist has chosen me to engage in school-based campaigns against smoking. It is satisfying to be part of the fight against this deadly habit.



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Kozlowski, Lynn T, Giovino, Gary A, Edwards, Beth, DiFranza, Joseph, Foulds, Jonathan, Hurt, Richard, . . . Dollar, Katherine M. (2007). Advice on using over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy-patch, gum, or lozenge-to quit smoking. Addictive behaviors, 32(10), 2140-2150.

McNeill, Ann. (2004). ABC of smoking cessation: Harm reduction. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 328(7444), 885.

Netemeyer, Richard G, Andrews, J Craig, & Burton, Scot. (2005). Effects of antismoking advertising–based beliefs on adult smokers’ consideration of quitting. Journal Information, 95(6).

Rosen, D. (2011). One foot in the gravy. New York, NY: Kensington Pub.

Weir, S. B. (2008). Transitions: A guide for the transfer student. Southbank, Victoria], Australia: Thomson/Wadsworth.

Zalewski, M. (2005). Silence on the wire: A field guide to passive reconnaissance and indirect attacks. San Francisco: No Starch Press.












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