Identify two proposed health-care bill that you feel is important to a 21st-century health-care environment. What are your personal opinions on these bills? How will you demonstrate them in your leadership activities? Based on the above, develop your course of action to mobilize political action. What are the actions that you would perform to get […]

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Research Assignment: Due: April 1, 2020 Worth: 20% of the final grade – electronic copies will be submitted through moodle & (no email copies please). Instructions on how to submit will be given.   For the research assignment, you will be asked to show your level of competence in understanding abnormal psychology and abnormal […]

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This class is about the History of the Ottoman Empire (1300-1800)) The Ottoman Empire ruled over the Middle East and the Balkans for over six centuries. This course examines the rise of the empire from the frontiers of medieval Anatolia and the Balkans to its global expansion and restructuring. Students will study how the political, […]

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Olmec Jade Mask

Topic: Mask 900–400 B.C. Olmec Please analyze the image of the Olmec mask shown in the additional materials file box, and address the fallowing The Visuals The narrative The historical context Artist biography or the culture and style of the the image.

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Prosocial Behavior

Much of what we tend to focus on when we study social psychology are topics that often have a negative connotation such as conformity, prejudice, aggression or obedience. A huge component of the study of social psychology; however, focuses on prosocial behavior – behaviors that focus on compassion and helping others. For this activity, you […]

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Social Work and Human Services

Students will summarize and critique recent research articles on a relatively narrow topic in adult, child or adolescent psychopathology, to produce a paper of 8-10 typed, double spaced pages in 12-point font with 1-inch margins (references can go beyond the page limit. Provide a maximum 1-page outline describing the topic, disorder, problem, or population you […]

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Evidence collection process from the first responder to the investigation team

The Research Paper will comprise 20% of the final grade. Each student will be required to write an APA 6th ed. style research paper. The paper should be 8-10 pages excluding the title, abstract, and reference page. Students will be required to use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed, scholarly sources. Please note that Wikipedia, […]

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Human Resources Management (HRM)

For your thread, you must support your assertions with at least 2 citations in a current academic format. Acceptable sources include scholarly publications and assigned Reading & Study materials, in addition to the Bible, where applicable. ******For your thread, address both of the following items: each question needs to BE answer ******Please use a statement […]

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Political science

This class is about East Asian Thought in Comparative Perspective) The goal of this course is to provide an analytic introduction to the East Asian political tradition and its lasting legacies for the contemporary world. The rapid economic development of East Asia since 1950 has generated an enormous and often polemical debate concerning East Asia’s […]

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English 101

Please follow instructions in section 10.5. Only summit argument essay, don’t summit the prewriting: argument . You only need to do the argument essay. For your argument essay, you’ll write 2000 to 2500 words research paper on an issue related to your field of study and future career. ( My field of study is “Criminal […]

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