Axis 1 and Axis 2

Axis 1 and Axis 2


The world today is in a different era, one that is based on international connections and interdependence of their individual citizens. The end of the war, World War II that is, is what resulted in the split of these powers has backed most of the countries into creating both regional and international organizations. In the same context, there are new borders everyday, new markets, new tourists, communications, as well as, improved international commerce. In the context of international relations and maintenance of world peace, there is dire need for balance between the two axes of the Allied powers of the world.


This is necessary to ensure proper relations in the context of the political, economic, and military sectors of government in the respective nations[1]. Looking at the two axes therefore, there is the first one that comprises of USA, United Kingdom, and France among others, and the other side consists of China, Russia, and Syria to name but a few. In this case, therefore, a slight evaluation on the workings of the two axes of power in different scenarios will help understand what divides and what unites the countries in the two axes.


Factors that divide the two Axes: Military Issues

The political and military structure of various countries of the opposite axes has a diverse effect on the proper functioning of the states. For instance, there is the Israeli-Pakistan, Israel-Iraq[2] and the Israeli-Palestine disagreement, which is due to the religious solidarity of Muslim countries for starters. Secondly, there is the concern that having any relation between the two could cause an adverse effect on diplomatic relations with their Muslim counterparts. In addition, despite the fact that religion has played a role in this, there has been there is the contribution of the paramilitary armies and regular armies to have constant war and hence endless casualties and the deterioration in their internal relations.


In addition, there is an increase in tension between other alternate powers as well, among them the USA and China, whereby the probability of war between them is said to be imminent. On one side, Chinese political leaders are readying their military armies in the belief that America is organizing an attack on them and vice versa. For this reason, to secure their individual safety, the powers create a united front with members of their axes to prevent attacks if at all directed towards them[3]. This is as seen in the unity between Israel and USA against the Palestine[4] and   Iraq nationals.

In the process of all these acts, many of the citizens of the aggrieved countries are killed, and others displaced as the attackers take up land within the other country. The situation is especially in relation to the taking up of Palestine land by the Jews from Israel to create a Jewish center. [5]



Religion is one of the major factors that have strongly divided and united the Allied powers over time. This is because; there has been a huge difference in faith and a fair amount of speculation on what is morally right or wrong. In addition, both the holy books, the Bible and the Quran, have gone ahead to present their stories of the astonishing journeys of the prehistoric time. In addition to this, there have been terrorist groups predominantly of the Islamic beliefs that have constantly terrorized the powerful nations by the use of criminal attacks and bombings among others[6]. An example is the 9/11 attack on America supposedly perpetrated by a particular group of Muslims that believed they are fighting a holy war called Jihad. In retaliation, the USA as well as the other countries have resulted in creating a particular kind of phobia that discriminates against innocent people from Islamic backgrounds.


Religion is no longer a personal affair because its effects, both psychologically and spiritually, has been adopted in every sphere of the society and hence permeating all aspects of interaction be it business wise or personal. Regardless of all this, effort is being made to reduce the religious self-identification and to integrate all the different perceptions that the religions have to offer; this is including Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Judaism among others. Currently, due to the continuous rise of geopolitical differences and unavoidable chaos between the powers, there is more necessity in creating mutual understanding between these nations. In addition, community-based faith groups that often result from acting on misunderstandings ought to understand that religion is not really the problem, but a historical factor used repeatedly to sweep in doubts in the international relations of the countries[7].


Fight over Resources and exploitation of Third world countries

An existing international law and regulation give Israel the responsibility to provide water for Palestine. Israel is surrounded by a desert, and thus this law makes it harder for the country to abide by the provisions of this law. The history of conflict based on water distribution was brought forward by; former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Israel is therefore part of such controversy creating conflict with Palestine due to their efforts to prevent Palestine from developing water sources under the land[8].

The Internet and the distorted Media Coverage

Nicholas Carr in his prominent book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains [9]argues that today’s ability and capacity to evaluate and understand matters without jumping into conclusion has deteriorated. He clearly shows that how the internet and what is put in it has molded information sometimes to appear in a way it was not supposed to. For instance, a certain myth that caused  controversy of how the Jews displaced Arabs was shown to be false.[10] The mere remark made by the individual lead to the loss of his or her jobs while some even lose their lives. Lastly, is the conflict and outrage that came from a depiction of Mark Zuckerberg in a German paper called anti-Semitic, whereby, people deduced that the paper was wrong because it portrayed Mark to be what he was not.


Factors that unite the two Axes: Positive Cultural Exchange

The relationship between Israel and USA has been on the rise over time, and this can be attributed to the ability of the two countries to find a similar psychological heritage to create a connection[11]. For starters, the adoption of the Jewish cultures by most of American’s population, as well as, the creation of the Israel lobby has largely strengthened their bond as nations[12]. Similar to this is the growing relationship between USA and Germany to this date. The shared aspect of white supremacy and western culture that the two countries believe in is a strong foundation for their general growth and blossoming relationship. Despite the difference in the age of development in the two countries, the understanding level is the same based on the geographic setting hence creating a better interrelation of the two countries.


Similarities in Religious beliefs

Indeed, Religion and the beliefs within it has become a great facilitator in both the strengthening and dividing the unity between the two axes. However, it is noticeable that today, there are a number of writers, professors and philosophers that demystify the contents of the bible and those of the Quran, and not much is found to be different.[13]


Likewise, there are countries that have assimilated and incorporated both religions in their countries hence creating a wider understanding, which in the end, have useful benefits to the international relationship. An example of this is how America has become more welcoming to the religion in the states and how they have provided homes and rehabilitation for Islamic refugees such as those from Syria and other countries facing religious difficulties.


Sharing of Spirit Partnership and respect for each other’s interests

Last year, a similar kind of understanding was created between the USA and Russia and there was high hope that this would help mend their relationship. Unfortunately, however, Vladimir Putin went against the promises and did not do as was promised to Barrack Obama. Regardless, many of such partnerships have built the relationship between Germany and USA and even Russia before they fell out most recently. These kinds of agreements so to speak, unify many other powers, prevent wars, and dispute arising between them. To some extent having any disagreement, such as the one between President Putin and Obama is healthy for the relationship to progress. It shows that neither of the powers is above the other and that Russia still has the domestic standing not influenced by the international context alone.



From all the above, the state of international relations between the then Allied powers in the different Axis today, does not appear to be in check. This is because; America in itself has gained so much power, and the then restrains it exercised has been compromised due to lack of control by the Soviet Union. However, other factors as well have uplifted other countries such as Israel above their status hence bringing harm to the countries on the other side of the Axis especially those of the Islamic-based religion.


Moreover, there has been a noted difference between the Cold War periods and how the Soviet Union put America on the check and how today, USA[14] has less evident restraints. Overall, the religious affiliations of the nations have had both a positive and a negative effect in that; there are the nations that rely so much on their own beliefs and others that have opted to embrace both of them among others.


Secondly, the abuse of power by the more powerful nations has led to conflict over resources, exploitation of other countries and other effects from the same. Military issues significantly affect the relationships as seen in the case of USA and China, Israel, and Palestine among others, and this shows that such disagreements widen the rift between the powers. Likewise, this being a technological era, the use of Internet and other forms of Media has to some extent facilitated to the rift between the powers.

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