Statement of Purpose & Questions Related to Admission





Statement of Purpose & Questions Related to Admission

Question 1

Loma Linda University is a well-established institution of higher learning. The existing facilities, human resources, and principles governing the proceedings in this academic institution have been useful in enhancing its capacity with reference to the provision of quality education that is vital in the professional development of an individual. One of the noteworthy elements that attract me to this institution of higher learning is the core values promoted by the administrative team in various departments. Some of these principles are in line with the values and norms promoted by adherents of the Seventh Day Adventist since the university was established through the facilitation of this religious denomination. These values include integrity, responsibility, and proper interactions with people from all social classifications. These principles are useful in ensuring that discriminative trends based on one’s race, religion, social class, or gender are suppressed. It is pleasant to identify a college that will aid in the development of my skills, as opposed to alienating me due to my religious conviction or other social differences. In addition, these values will be useful in improving my social interactions and other elements that are influential in my future occupational growth.

In addition, this private university is among the renowned colleges in the United States that have modern learning facilities. This is coupled with dedicated and skilled members of staff in different departments. These elements have influenced my decisions regarding the selection of an institution of higher learning for the completion of my degree program. Graduating with a master’s degree of pharmacy in health informatics from such a renowned university will concur with my ambitions with reference to my career development. In addition to career advancement, enhancing my skills will be useful in increasing my financial capacity, an aspect that will also be beneficial to my dependent relatives and other needy people in the neighborhood. This explains why I seek to advance my education in this esteemed institution of higher learning.

Question 2

The societal principles and norms upheld by an individual are vital in defining certain facets of his or her life. This notion is evident in my daily life, which has been profoundly influenced by my spiritual origins, developments, and experiences. As a Muslim, I rely on the teachings of the Quran and other religious principles that guide the actions of the adherents of Islamism. Similar to other followers of Islamic teachings and values, I have always believed that the aspects emphasized in this holy book should guide the daily existence of an individual. Some of these upheld values include respecting other people as well as promoting peace in one’s neighborhood. For this reason, my spiritual developments have been useful in enhancing my social interactions and positively transforming my surroundings. These religion-facilitated developments will also be useful in my daily life at this academic institution. This is in line with the notion that diverse groups in terms of societal classifications such as religious convictions, gender, and racial backgrounds tend to be more effective as compared to homogenous teams. Accordingly, engaging with other students with different religious beliefs and values will be useful in advancing my reasoning capacity regarding various issues affecting the society.

Another crucial issue emphasized in Islamism, which has had a significant impact on my daily life, is the need to conserve the environment. This pillar of Islamism focuses on responsibility at a personal and societal level. This is because of the principle that all creations of Allah need to be guarded by human beings. For this reason, I am more aware of the need to conserve the environment for the benefit of all the living creatures on earth. I consider this enlightenment as a vital aspect that will facilitate a holistic growth during my studies in this institution of higher learning. In line with this broad pillar of responsibility, I believe that these spiritual developments have aided me in finding my true purpose in life. This is because spiritualism puts emphasis on the values that are crucial in positively transforming all the major components of a person’s life. This includes social and ethical values.

Question 3

I exhibit certain qualities that have aided me in different facets in my life. For this reason, I intend to use these personal attributes to build a solid foundation in my education and occupational advancements in this university. One such characteristic is patience. I believe that substantial achievements require sufficient time before the observation of noteworthy elements related to the task under consideration. I owe this to the high levels of determination, which have aided me in accomplishing various tasks in different facets of my life. In my opinion, patience is required in both societal and occupational settings. In the societal settings, this personal attribute has aided me to interact properly with people from different religious convictions, political affiliations, racial backgrounds, and social classes. This is because of the realization that dissimilarities in values and norms should not be the basis of judging a person’s character. It is necessary to take time in analyzing other aspects of the individual’s life in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the person under consideration.

In addition, different incidences in my life as well as other informative settings in my daily existence have assisted me in advancing my responsibility capacity. I consider myself as a responsible young person who seeks to complete various tasks in a manner that is not only beneficial to me, but that will also be useful in the development passage of other people. This enhanced accountability has also been beneficial in attaining the trust of other people who are involved in the proceedings integrated in my daily existence. I believe that these personal attributes will aid me in acquiring the needed academic and interpersonal skills required in the field of health information and other relevant departments within the broad medical subsection. For instance, I acknowledge the need to enhance confidentiality in the execution of official duties within this medical field of expertise. For this reason, I intend to utilize these personal attributes in various settings within this institution of higher learning, as well as future occupational activities. In addition, I purpose to utilize such attributes as patience and determination in the attainment of advanced academic skills, as well as other proficiencies needed in future proceedings.

Question 4

Owing to my spiritual origins, developments, and experiences, I greatly esteem religious values and principles in other settings of my daily life. For this reason, I acknowledge the efforts of Loma Linda University regarding the integration of certain values and principles originating from the Seventh Day Adventist into the major proceedings in the institution. Despite the dissimilarities between Islamism and this Christianity-based denomination, I perceive this approach of academic enhancement as appropriate and beneficial to all students of Loma Linda University. This is due to the basic values and principles promoted by all religious convictions. For instance, Islamism and Christianity put emphasis on the essence of respecting people regardless of their different ideologies, societal classifications, and norms. For this reason, being part of an institution that understands the essence of this principle, in addition to promoting this aspect among all students will be beneficial to me in terms of my social interactions and occupational developments. It will also be useful in understanding the importance of this personal attribute in terms of gaining additional information from people in other professional and social settings.

In addition, Islamism and Christianity hold similar positions in matters regarding the ethical values that ought to govern the proceedings in one’s daily existence. This includes dignity, responsibility, integrity, and kindness. For example, the Quran emphasizes on the need to be responsible for all the undertaken actions. Similarly, the Seventh Day Adventist and other denominations within the Christianity domain consider integrity and accountability for one’s actions as one of the aspects that strengthen the relationship between God and man. For this reason, the Christian-based education in Loma Linda University will be useful in my spiritual developments. In addition, having a learning program that promotes academic skills and these personal attributes concurrently will ensure that the graduates of this institution are equipped with all the proficiencies required to execute vital tasks in the medical subsection.

Question 5

As a student in Loma Linda University, I am willing to abide by all the set rules regarding the college’s lifestyle expectations. I do not intend to engage in such unauthorized activities as alcohol consumption or misuse of narcotics. To begin with, I believe that adhering to the set rules in such an institution is one of the crucial aspects that are helpful in one’s career developments. This is because the policies of any organization aim at ensuring that the proceedings at an individual, group, or departmental level concur with the objectives and operational strategies of the institution. For this reason, following the rules set at this institution of higher learning is an appropriate foundation for strengthening the interpersonal skills required in certain occupational and societal settings.

In addition, the Quran puts emphasis on the need to take care of ourselves as a way of praising Allah. It has been proven that consumption of alcohol and narcotics are harmful to the human body. For this reason, I intend to stay away from these harmful substances as a way of strengthening my spiritual facet. Adhering to the policies of Loma Linda University regarding alcohol and narcotics will be for my own benefit. Furthermore, for me to excel in my academic course, it is necessary to understand and practice the basic health components. It is irrational to educate a client about the need to uphold healthy practices while the professional is disregarding all the basic health elements. For this reason, I intend to adhere to the university’s rules on alcohol and narcotics comprehensively as a way of advancing my spiritual, social, and professional elements, as opposed to perceiving them as a suppression of liberty.

Statement of Purpose

An opportunity to join this esteemed institution for higher learning as a student in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and health informatics will be vital in accomplishing my objectives with reference to professional advancements. I have a firm foundation in this field of expertise owing to my passage of acquiring a diploma in pharmacy, as well as my experience as a pharmacy assistant in Saudi Arabia. For this reason, I intend to advance my skills by engaging in different research activities facilitated in this learning institution. For example, I am eager to study the International Classification of Diseases as the key system responsible for coding diagnoses and other proceedings involved after the detection of a particular disease-causing organism in a human body. Moreover, I will be keen to understand the legal issues integrated in health information. This is because of my knowledge on the essence of understanding such procedural aspects. This knowledge will aid me in operating within the framework of the law governing all practitioners within this field of expertise.

Another objective that is bound to be fulfilled upon my admission in UC Davis University involves the enhancement of the interpersonal skills that are required in future interactions within the professional settings. Through my experiences in this field of expertise, I have acknowledged that suitable social interactions and the illustration of proper interpersonal skills are key aspects in the completion of various official duties. This is because of the broad range of clients and other participants who require a customized approach of catering for their needs and handling any emerging concerns. In line with this argument, I perceive UC Davis University as a learning institution with all the necessary resources in the accomplishment of these objectives.

One of the justifications that have led to the selection of this learning institution as my first choice is the availability of various modern facilities following the adoption of technological concepts and components in the execution of crucial tasks within this field. This institution comprises of modern resources that are useful in evaluating the essence of technology in the execution of the identified duties. In addition, the human resources in this organization understand their role in the promotion of certain values and practice within the pharmacy field. This explains the large list of successful professionals who have graduated from this institution of higher learning.

Upon completing this learning program, I intend to establish a large firm in terms of its operations that will offer different services to the growing population in Saudi Arabia and neighboring regions. This will aid in accomplishing my objective regarding the impact of my acquired skills in the society. I believe that one’s developments should not only be beneficial to them, but they should also be useful to people in the neighborhood. For this reason, I purpose to seek the services of other professionals in this field as a way of ensuring that the vast needs of the customers are met. In this setting, the achieved interpersonal skills will be useful in interacting with these skilled personnel. Moreover, as a way of discouraging societal discrimination in this enterprise, my engagements with other human resources will aim at promoting diversity. This is because of the numerous benefits of this corporate principle. For this reason, I look forward for an admission at US Davis University.

Personal History

Throughout my life, there are certain experiences and other factors that have been influential in making vital decisions regarding my academic and career advancements. In my childhood years, I was passionate about the medical field of expertise. My mother was a nurse in Saudi Arabia for a long period. I admired her zeal to accomplish her career goals for the sake of her children and other dependent relatives. For this reason, I consider her actions and decisions regarding her career and other relevant activities as the foundation of my passion in the medical field of expertise. Moreover, I was fortunate to attend one of the well-established junior schools in Saudi Arabia. This offered me a suitable platform upon which I interacted with people from all societal categories. This was useful in disregarding some of the existing ideologies that attempted to justify the need to promote certain forms of discrimination.

As I joined high school, I began to understand the impact of social favoritism. A large percentage of students in this school were Muslims owing to the overwhelming Islamic population in Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, learners who were not adherents of Islamism faced severe discrimination from a section of their peers as well as the tutors. In my opinion, this favoritism had a negative impact on the social growth of a significant portion of students. This is because of the lack of a partial platform upon which all learners could interact and benefit from the elements of such a heterogeneous sub-community. This made me make a decision of suppressing societal discrimination in my surroundings in all possible ways. I understood that promoting such unhealthy practices in a society would result in an inappropriate environment in terms of business transactions, social interactions, and cultural growth. Accordingly, since the Quran puts emphasis on the need to be responsible in all aspects of life, I decided to contribute to the fight against societal prejudice through small activities such as being kind to all my peers regardless of their religion, gender, or race.

In campus, I decided to pursue my dreams regarding my participation in the medicinal field of expertise. In line with these ambitions, I enrolled in a diploma program and graduated with a Major in pharmacy. At this point, I was eager to utilize the acquired skills in a real occupational setting. This was the driving force in the search for employment within the domains of my academic skills. Subsequently, I obtained an employment opportunity in one of the well-established commercial organizations in the country. During this period, I worked as a pharmacy assistant, a position that has been useful in enhancing my skills regarding pharmaceutical sciences and other elements of health informatics. My pursuit for further career advancements is the reason why I seek to obtain a learning opportunity in this esteemed institution of higher learning. I believe that my experiences in different past settings will be useful in interacting effectively with people from other societal classifications. This will result in increased knowledge owing to the numerous benefits of diversity in such a learning institution. Moreover, through such attributes as patience, determination, and accountability, I am convinced of my ability in overcoming all the challenges instigated by such aspects as religious, cultural, and social values and principles.



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