Journal Entry





Journal Entry

Film: Mysterious Skin

Release date: May 6, 2005.

Director: Gregg Araki

Writer (s):

Gregg Araki

Scott Heim


Chase Ellison              George Webster                      Rachael Nastassja Kraft

Lisa Long                    Chris Mulkey                          Elisabeth Shue

David Lee Smith         Bill Sage                                  Riley McGuire

Ryan Stentzel              Joseph Gordon-Levitt                         Bill Drago

Michelle Tratchenberg            Larry Marko                Jerry Licon


Neil McCormick and his fellow eight-year-old friend, Brian Lackey, born in 1972 are both sexually abused by their baseball coach from the school. They are victims of their dysfunctional families as they became easy targets for their molester. Neil shows homosexual proclivities from an early age and takes up prostituting himself by the age of fifteen. Brian on the other hand develops psychogenic amnesia due to the experience and keeps forgetting events. Despite the distance between the two boys, they grew apart for a decade. However, they met for their first time afterwards in an encounter at the coach’s house and find out the grooming techniques used for all the boys under the tutelage of the coach.  

Favorable Reactions:

Brian Lackey performs a completely surreal depiction of fantasy in the sense of believing that the aliens abducted him. It was through the amnesia blackout at the age of eight and still managed to make resonance with the audience despite the naivety surrounding the age. Later on, when it is revealed how he woke with a bloody nose, reality sets in an uncompromising manner.  

Unfavorable Reactions:

The depiction of the continuous nature of grooming by the baseball coach at best was not welcome, especially with the increase of sexually transmitted inflections incidences on the increase. More notable was the manner in which the activities went undetected without any one raising an alarm. 

Memorable quotes:

“The summer I was eight years old, five hours disappeared from my life. Five hours! Lost. Gone without a trace.” (Brian).

Film: Precious based on the novel by Sapphire

Release date: November 6, 2009.

Director: Lee Daniels

Writer (s): Sapphire


Gabourey Sidibe                                 Mo’Nique                                            Paula Patton

Mariah Carey                                      Sherri Shepherd                                  Lenny Kravitz

Stephanie Andujer                              Chyna Layne                                       Amina Robinson

Xosha Roquemore                              Angelic Zambrana                               Aunt Dot

Nealla Gordon                                    Grace Hightower                                Barret Helms


Set in the year 1987, an obese sixteen-year-old girl, Claireece Precious Jones lives with her dysfunctional family in the ghetto of Harlem in New York. The mother is abusive, unemployed and abuses her sexually and mentally. Despite being raped by her father, she gets pregnant twice. After the second pregnancy is determined, the high school principal makes an arrangement for her to attend an alternative school in order for her to change her life’s direction. She then turns to daydreaming in order to escape her daily trauma from life’s experiences. Later on, Precious discovers she has AIDS from her father and so are her children. She later discovers a new outlook into life and vows to change for the better. The film ends as she  heads out into the city with her children, brave to face the world in a new way.

Favorable Reactions:

The film produces an acclaimed literary work of information, education, and entertainment despite the savory battle between the producers and potential distributors. In addition, the fusion of renowned musicians and entertainers is top notch as they deliver their core roles to perfection and added charisma.    

Unfavorable Reactions:

In the making of the film, the tone undertaken and delivered through basing on a feminist outlook does not rotary the whole struggle and life experience in the world. Despite its success, the film needs to relate to the holistic approach of all genders towards societal issues without bias.  

Memorable quotes:

“My name is Clareece Precious Jones. I wish I had a light-skinned boyfriend with real nice hair. And I wanna be on the cover of a magazine.” (Precious).

Film: Lost Boys of Sudan

Release date: April 24, 2003.

Director: Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk

Writer (s): Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk


Santino Majok Chuor              Jarrid Geduld                          Peter Kon Dut 


The documentary is a feature-length type of film that documents the lives of two Sudanese refugees on an extraordinary expedition to America all the way from Africa. Peter Dut and Santino Chuor are young African boys who face the cruelest civil wars apart from surviving harrowing experiences like militia gunfire and lion attacks in the wild. They reach in a refugee camp, down south in Kenya, amidst other thousands of children in the same plight. Through remarkable circumstances, they are among those chosen to travel to America. They reach America to encounter the abundance of alienation common to the suburbs of America in a contemporary setting. It is with despite the safety from all hunger and physical danger they faced back home, much to their relief and renewed hope.  

Favorable Reactions:

The documentary does not hold back in baring all the harrowing experiences the young children faced in their mother country, as they sought to better their lives. It depicts the common struggles faced in worlds apart especially when the confrontation of alienation in the land of opportunity beckons for the two youngsters. 

Unfavorable Reactions:

The documentary did not avail the reaction of the two young boys to the tragedy that befell United States on the fight of terrorism at the world trade centre. The documentary also leaves some of the questions unanswered especially in the criteria used to select the children going to America. In addition, the purpose of the selection is not stated while the follow up on the remaining group of refugees does not get the light of day despite the circumstances they live in.   

Memorable quotes:

“All black people in America are no good.(Peter).

Film: The Way He Looks

Release date: February 10, 2014.

Director: Daniel Ribeiro

Writer (s): Daniel Ribeiro


Ghilherme lobo                                   Fabio Audi                                          Tess Amorim

Eucir de Souza                                    Isabela Gausaco                                  Selma Egrei

Julio Machado                                     Naruna Costa                                      Lucia Romano

Victor Figueiras                                  Pablo Carvalho                                    Guga Auricchio

Matheus Abreu                                   Renata Novaes


Leonardo is blind high school student who is struggling with his own independence. Leonardo has a male best friend, Giovana, who they share a close bond and help on a daily basis. Since he has not been able to kiss anyone, he is distressed. At school, Leonardo expresses his romantic interest towards Gabriel in a hastened manner while Karina has a reputation of being promiscuous begins to pursue him. The film transitions into the experiences between fond memories of Leonardo and Giovana through shared interests and support into his studies. The close bond is then showed through their help in class projects despite the nature of relationship between them. The elusion by Gabriel on his interest towards Leonardo fuels the longevity of the film as they are later seen holding hands. It ends with both Leo and Gabriel perched on a bike, riding it.     

Favorable Reactions:

The film is characteristic of compassion, emotionally details, populated and resonates with the characters especially on a romanticism basis. The transition between added conflict in the themes and convincing nature of the supporting characters facilitates a mild intrigue and added entertainment within the plot development. It gives hope to strengthened friendship in the face of adversity.

Unfavorable Reactions:

The depiction of homosexuality in the film does not auger well with the audience at times. The closeness of thecharacters at times pushes the limit that one can withstand on the topic of same-sex relationships. At times, it ensures strive for independence by the leading actor is forced to the audience.

Memorable quotes:

Gabriel: “Why you getting all up in my face?”

Leonardo: “because everyone wants to control me and won’t let me kiss anyone!” [Gabriela plants a kiss on Leonardo in response].

Film: Battle Royale

Release date: July 8, 2011.

Director: Kinji Fukusaku

Writer (s): Koushun Takami


Tatsyua Fujiwara                                 Aki Maeda                                          Taro Yamamoto

Masanobu Ando                                 Kou Shibasaki                                     Sosuke Takaoka

Chaki Kuriyama                                  Eri Ishkawa                                         Takeshi Kitano

Yukihiro Kotani                                  Sayaka Ikeda                                      Takayo Mimura



Shuya Nanahara is a middle school student who has to deal with the loss of his father after taking his own life. At the school, strange occurrences change the outlook of the institution with several of the teachers missing. During a field trip, the class is gassed and the entire students are sent to a briefing room in electronic collars. Due to  BR Act, the facilitators of the program take the students through orientation and kill two of them for misbehaving. Within the first six hours, only two deaths are reported under the process. Nanahara and a close friend, Noriko hatch a plan to escape from the program after faking their deaths. As the number of students decreases on an hourly basis, it gets more difficult for the two. The film ends when the two are being chased as fugitive murderers, but are glad to have survived

Favorable Reactions:

The film is adept at using the Japanese roots, much to the advantage of the production team as it enhances authenticity throughout the production. The materials and invoking of the indigenous feel create a unique sense of delivery through the plot development and it is evidenced by the occasional vigor of the characters. It also uses subtle means of delivering violence especially with the setting of schoolchildren.

Unfavorable Reactions:

Despite the timing of the film release, the relevance of the acts enabled by the state, as measure towards behaviors by the students does not warrant such a program. The uncalled for  program is not sufficient to warrant the level of violence enabled on the students, to the point of losses of lives. In addition, the deep-rooted culture of the characters does not enable cross-referencing for varied audiences throughout.

Memorable quotes:

“This year Zentsuji Middle School number 4’s Class E was chosen among 43,000 Ninth grade classes. This year’s game, said to be ore blistering than the last.” (Reporter).

Film: Requiem for a Dream

Release date: May 14, 2000.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer (s): Hubert Selby Jr.


Ellen Burstyn                                      Jared Leto                               Jennifer Connelly

Marlon Wayans                                   Christopher McDonald           Mark Magolis

Louis Lasser                                        Marcia Jean Kurtz                   Sean Gullette

Keitha David                                      Dylan Baker                            Ajay Naidu

Ben Shenkman                                    Hubert Selby                           Darren Aronofsky


An elderly widow in Brighton Beach is usually watching television during the summer period. The television show is infomercials, which is hosted by Tappy Tibbons. She regains her desire for youthfulness once she receives a phone call on her invitation towards participating in the show. She decides to go into a crush diet in order for her to fit into an old dress. The film centers on more than four addicts in different circumstances as they push their limits in maintaining their desires. Sarah’s son is a heroin addict together with his friends, and they decide to participate in illegal drug trade as means of maintaining their supply. The four addicts spiral out of control n their pursuit as they face ugly scenes of underworld requirements. The film ends on different circumstances for each addict as Sarah and Harry embrace at the final scene while an audience cheers.     

Favorable Reactions:

It is worthy to note the extent that was used by the characters in obtaining a real measure of craving from an addiction sense. Some of the characters had to give up preferential treatment and availability of sex in order to depict the grueling life of dependency on a drug in some sort. In addition, the entertainment and funny delivery is useful in masking out the pain and agony suffered by the leading characters throughout the plot development.

Unfavorable Reactions:

During the scene where Tyrone and Harry leave New York and head to Florida, Harry is pricked on his right arm by Tyrone. The pain is visible to see on his face but he shows the left arm instead of the right one. It leaves a sour taste to the audience since the time taken for elaboration of the development is intense.   

Memorable quotes:

“Anybody wanna waste time?” (Marion).

Film: The Fountain

Release date: November 22, 2006.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer (s):  Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel


Hugh Jackman                                    Rachel Weisz                                      Ellen Burstyn

Mark Margolis                                     Stephen McHattie                               Fernando Hernandez

Cliff Curtis                                          Sean Patrick Thomas                           Donna Murphy

Richard McMillan                               Lorne Brass                                         Renee Asofsky 


The film is about three distinct men on their pursuit of eternity coupled with love. Each of them represents the three tenses in the past, present and future. It is set at the core of the 21st century with Tom Creo who loses his wife to the deadly cancer. He is focused on getting a cure for her despite her plea for him to share what they have. The three stories of Queen Isabella losing territory to inquisition, Tomas Verde plunging into Central America forest and the queen’s search for the tree of life all intersect in different periods. Despite the non-chronology of the sequences, the film intersects towards providing solutions for the three notable characters. In the end, the film concludes with the endeavors of all the three involved characters subjected to failure despite the parallel nature of their problems.      

Favorable Reactions:

The ability by the director to enable understanding of various themes according to different periods in time is laudable.By using universal patterns, symbolism from the bible, metaphysics and deployed boundless love over the extended period has focused ambitions. The a thousand years is visually informative and it has daring qualities.  

Unfavorable Reactions:

When Tikal was mentioned by the Queen’s priest, the discovery was made only during the 19th century. The name is also applied by archeologists in the 20th century. The difference in time of relevance does not add up to the information given, even on historical ground despite it being in entertainment alone.

Memorable quotes:

“Let us finish it.” (Tomas Verde).

Film: The Wrestler

Release date: December 17, 2008.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer (s): Robert D. Sigel


Mickey Rouke                                     Marisa Tomei                                      Evan Rachel Wood

Mark Margolis                                                 Todd Barry                                         Wass Stevens

Judah Friedlander                               Dylan Keith Summers                                     Ernest Miller

Tommy Farra                                       Mike Miller                                                     John D’Leo


Robin Ramzinski, who is a wrestler and is known by Randy Robinson, becomes a celebrity in the 1980s. In the present circumstances, he was past his prime and could wrestle at the weekends for promotions that were independent while juggling with super-market roles. He faces a health concern, which threatens to end his once glorious career as he battled to accept the changes in his life past the ring.  He tries to reconcile his daughter who had an abandoned childhood at the time of his career. He has a romantic attraction and bond to a stripper, who he needs as he faces the challenges to his life.   He gathers a high profile match up with his once arch nemesis. The film ends with his fate unknown after challenging Ayatollah and losing the match.

Favorable Reactions:

The film’s main climatic scene uses a taped ring created during the period of March 14th and 15th in the year 2008. The scene is iconic between Randy and Ayatollah as it forms part of real life wrestlers who also grace the ring in honor of the work done. Several other instances incorporate the wrestlers with cameo roles within the film, much to the appreciation of any fanatic.  

Unfavorable Reactions:

During one of the pre-match routines showed by randy, he is seen putting tape on his arm. In the subsequent shot of the film that follows, we re made aware of the failing tape from the same arm before. After the shot immediately before he final procedures leading to the fight, the audience views the tape once more on his arm. It is mainly on the left arm.

Memorable quotes:

“The only place I get hurt is out there. The world don’t give shit about me.” (Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson.”

Film: The Black Swan

Release date: September 1, 2010.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer (s): Andres Heinz


Natalie Portman                                  Mila Kunis                                          Vincent Kassel

Barbara Hershey                                 Winona Ryder                                     Benjamin Millepied

Ksenia Solo                                         Kristina Anapau                                  Janet Montgomery

Sebastian Stan                                     Toby Hemingway                               Sergio Torrado


Nina is a professional ballerina in New York City. She belongs to the ballerina company, and is focus on her dance career. Her mother is also an obsessive former dancer in the same category. The mother has absolute control over her. When there is a mandatory change of the starting ballerina at an annual event, Nina is supposed to be the first choice. A new dancer enables competition within the ranks and impresses the director. There are two categories of the dance routine, which enable differential roles in character. The white swan shows innocence and form of grace, while the black one is supposed to show sensuality and guile therein. The two leading actors depict their friendship through increased rivalry for the two dances. Nina is threatened by her dark side in the rivalry as it shows recklessness.

Favorable Reactions:

The director’s hand in pitting of the two leading actors as means of increasing the tension driven on onscreen basis creates the required rivalry. It is used to spur the onscreen chemistry and increased awareness while the audience revels at the intimation. It strengthens the resolve of the actors and the results deliver a master class in their roles in plot development.  

Unfavorable Reactions:

At the point where Nina had been assigned her role within the dance requirements, she returns home. At this particular juncture, she is seen to carry her scarf and put her arm on the knob to turn it. Once she gets in, the appearance is changes as her hand are still on the doorknob while the scarf has shifted to the arm.

Memorable quotes:

“I had the craziest dream last night. I was dancing at the white swan.” (Nina).

Film: Noah

Release date: March 10, 2014.

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Writer (s): Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel


Russell Crowe                                     Jennifer Connelly                                Ray Winstone

Emma Watson                                     Loga Lerman                                       Douglas Booth

Anthony Hopkins                               Leo McHugh                                       Frank Langella

Marton Csokas                                    Dakota Goyo                                      Finn Wittrock

Madison Davenport                            Nick Nolte                                          Kevin Durand  


Noah witnesses his father’s death on the hands of a young Tubal-cain as a young boy growing up. At his adulthood, he is married man with three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. He then witnesses the growth of a flower into maturity within an instant. He visits his uncle’s place for clarification of a dream on floods. After planting a seed as instructed by his uncle, he is revealed to have a purpose on earth. It follows their near-death escape from murders with the help of angels sent from heaven to safeguard them. He is then able to communicate with the creator, who instructs him on building an ark to safeguard humanity and living organism due to an impending destruction by floods. Indeed, he adheres to the call despite the ridicule of the people at the time and the floods cause havoc, destroying all but everything that was inside the ark.   

Favorable Reactions:

The characterization of the Noah role did not require a nice personality and this was shown by the actor in his plot development. It was expected that since he stayed around animals he required a likeable attitude to all those encountered him. Instead, Noah watched as the whole of humanity and living organism, which were not in the ark, perish according to the prophecy.

Unfavorable Reactions:

In the production of the film, the animals used to highlight survival within the ark were all sedated for brief hours. They could not be contained together at their awake state due to the source of conflicts and disruptions encountered. It robs the audience of realistic natural elements of the animals.

Memorable quotes:

From Adam to Seth, Seth to Enosh, Enosh to Kenan, Kenan to Mahalalel to my father, Methuselah, then to me. Today, that birthright passes to you, Noah. My son.” (Lamech).
 The Sixth Sense

Release date: August 2, 1999.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan.

Writer (s): M. Night Shyamalan.


Bruce Willis                                        Hailey Joel Osment                             Toni Collette

Olivia Williams                                   Donnie Wahlberg                                Glenn Fitzgerald

Mischa Barton                                     Bruce Norris                                        Greg Wood

M. Night Shyamalan                           Jeffrey Zubernis                                  Peter Tambakis   


Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist based in Philadelphia with a wife. Once he returns home after receiving an award, she delivers her timely speech on his gifted ability in his work. While heading to the bathroom, he encounters a former patient who accuses of his failure while dealing with him. The next assignment is based on a younger patient, who he becomes so dedicated to in fear of failure like the other one. He requires reconciling with his work due to the immense input he has for his work. The younger patient is able to see dead people and it require even more time between the doctor and patient.  The mother to the young boy is devastated with his condition and is seen at wit’s end. Finally, Crowe is seen as the only last hope to the young boy’s condition while hi survival ensures Crowe resumes his free living.  

Favorable Reactions:

Both characters of the doctor and young patient have similar appearances as well as grey hair in from of a patch. On the part of the doctor, his patch is closer to the side whilst that of the young boy, his is to the ear. The connection seems to resonate as the film grows especially when the exchanges are diverted to other aspects of their lives. It helps in increasing the online chemistry between the two.  

Unfavorable Reactions:

During the scene where Malcolm and Cole meet at church, the patch of the grey hair sticks on the latter’s head as opposed to the ear. It was the last time they were meeting before the conclusion and the hair becomes more and more decreased in terms of frisk ability. It ends in a combed shot.

Memorable quotes:

“I never told you, but you sound a little like Dr. Seuss when you’re drunk.” (Anna Crowe).

Film: 12 years a Slave

Release date: August 30, 2013.

Director: Steve McQueen

Writer (s): Solomon Northup


Chiwetel Ejiofor                                 Michael Fassbender                            Lupita Nyong’o

Sarah Paulson                                      Benedict Cumberbatch                       Brad Pitt

Paul Dano                                           Adepero Oduye                                  Paul Giamatti

Garrett Dillahunt                                 Taran Killam                                       Afre Woodward

Michael Williams                                Bill Camp                                            Chris Chalk


The story is based on true accounts of a man’s fight to survive and acquire freedom in the United States of America at the time of the pre Civil War. Solomon Northup is an African American who is free and lives with his wife and two children. He is offered work as a musician with a promissory compensation of two-week pay. Once he agrees on the deal, he is dragged and delivered as a slave to an owner, James Burch. He then faces cruelty depicted by the slave owners at the time of historical injustices to the minority. He faces an uphill task of trying to stay alive despite the treatment he received accompanied by mixed compassion from the owner. He is set to regain his dignity as a free man. The chance after twelve years in meeting an abolitionist from Canadian origin alters his life for good.  

Favorable Reactions:

The leading character of the film is known to have first turned the chance at acting the role. The role had been destined as an actor’s lifetime due to the demands and growth required during the entire time. It is then that he took it up and diminished his fears while immersing himself into the culture required as well as handling the violin.

Unfavorable Reactions:

When the film begins, the sound of a violin is loud and clear. Once the sight of the violin is shown, there is light thatpasses through the instrument. It reveals that the materials used in making the instrument is not real or a product of natural elements. Instead, twining, nylon and plastic depiction can be observed.

Memorable quotes:

“Alright now, y’all fresh niggers. Y’all gonna be in the cuttin’ gang.” (Overseer).

Film: The Apocalypse

Release date: May 22, 2007.

Director: Justin Jones

Writer (s): Carlos De Los Rios


Rhet Gilles                                          Jill Stapley                               Kim Little

Kristen Quintrall                                 Tom Nagel                              David Shick

Amol Shah                                          Kelsey Higgs                           Carissa Bodner

Sarah Lieving                                      Erica Roby                              Leigh Scott


Set in the United States of America, the present day depictions are showed. There is a colossal meteorite headed to earth as it threatens to wipe out the face of humanity and its existence. The form of its replication is similar to the events of the dinosaur species. On earth, two parents are busy searching for their only child. Jason and Ashley cannot withstand the thought of losing their only child, who at the time of the events is in Los Angeles. They have to overcome catastrophes due to the effect of impending meteorite action on earth. Despite the numerous advances in technological sophistication at the time, the parents have to get a solution to the events. Through prayer and belief in religion, they hold hope in finding their child just as the meteorite is about to wipe out the earth. The film ends in the collision of the two bodies as the characters promise each other on later meeting.   

Favorable Reactions:

The film is reminiscent of the occurrences expected when the earth’s days end. However, when instituting of the film was being done, religious elements had to be infused into production.The faith-based elements are used in shaping of the events, while the applied mechanisms of hope and optimism resonate to a select few characters. It is therefore relevant to the believers of faith at every circumstance.

Unfavorable Reactions:

At the time of viewing the news by the group, there is a television in the background. It shows the debris at the time of impact. When the television freezes due to the signal, malfunction operations are enabled, but still the dialogue is continuous. It defies the basis of technology within the production, as the signal is responsive to motion.  

Memorable quotes:

“It’s happening.” (Jason).

Film:  The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Release date: August 10, 1994.

Director: Stephan Elliott

Writer (s): Stephan Elliott


Terrence Stamp                                   Hugo Weaving                                    Guy Pearce

Bill Hunter                                          Sarah Chadwick                                  Mark Holmes

Julia Cortez                                         Ken Radley                                         Margaret Pomeranz

Stephan Elliott                                    Leighton Picken                                  Alan Dargin


Three drag queens comprise of a transgender and have an offer to perform at a drag act. Anthony Belrose is the leading queen followed by Bernadette Bassinger and Adam Whitely join in ensuring that the performance is memorable. They set out on a four-week run at the Australian outback setting far from the town. It is in a remote part of the desert, which test their ability to survive. Along the journey in a bus, the entourage encounters various characters, much to their enthusiasm. The bus breaks down and is need of repair. At times, they are subjected to homophobic abuse by people, violence while the bus suffers vandalism. They meet a mechanic from the outskirts and join them in their journey. The contracted woman within the entourage is later discovered as Anthony’s wife, causing a different mood especially with the exposure of sexuality amongst them. The film ends when Bernadette gets closer to Bob.       

Favorable Reactions:

One of the standout performers of the film has a secret role in the production of the piece. At the barber’s chair, there is a drag queen, who little of the audience knows about. The drag queen is later revealed as the costume designer of the entire film and is enthusiastic with the reception the fellow characters give him for the role.

Unfavorable Reactions:

When Bob and Bernadette had become drunk, the party’s exit was marked by Mitzi and Felicia. Once they leave the seen of the bus, Bernadette’s face can be seen next to the huge cake inside. After their departure from the party, Bernadette’s face can be seen on top of the cake. It is not circumstantial, especially with the record of the heavy drinking that typified the party.

Memorable quotes:

[To Felicia and Bernadette] “Oh, get back in your kennels, both of you.” (Mitzi).

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